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We deliver a vast array of bespoke services founded on decades of collective experience in international private banking.

Investment Management

Discretionary Investment Management

The discretionary mandate is a structured, personalized approach to managing your assets where the day-to-day investment decision is delegated to PrimeStone Partners AG. This is an ideal arrangement for clients who do not have time to follow their investments and prefer to entrust the management of their assets to a professional manager.

We will oversee the day-to-day management of the portfolio to implement our best ideas and to capture tactical opportunities arising from short term dislocations in the markets. Clients should remain involved in reviewing their investment parameters, and will receive comprehensive reporting regarding the positioning and performance of their investment portfolios, but decision making responsibility lies with us.

Advisory Investment

The Advisory Investment Mandate is for clients who have the time and knowledge to manage their investments. You need customized investment advice but want to retain the control over the investment decisions. You benefit from our professional advice on the investment strategy and receive the support of our analysis and investment proposals. We also monitor each portfolio and follow market developments.

Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, and to transfer it to the next generation is a tax-optimal manner. It is a mix of tax planning, asset protection, estate planning and business succession planning and relates to your global wealth.

We work closely with trusted advisers (corporate services providers, trust services, notaries, financial advisers, insurance advisers, etc.) to tailor and implement wealth structures, which take into account our clients’ requirements and provide the required flexibility for future changes circumstances and needs. We have strong partners with substantial knowledge and experience in advising on the succession of ownership and management of family-owned businesses.

Many instruments and various structures can be considered in order to achieve wealth planning goals: incorporating legal entities, trusts and foundations, availing of insurance products, exploring wealth tax schemes, considering donations and gifts, and so on.

Family Office

We offer services designed to build and maintain wealth and pass it on efficiently to the next generation. Your interests are always at the forefront and we approach your situation from a truly independent, unbiased and non-conflicting position. We add value with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and a service delivery that reaches across disciplines and borders.

In our broad, yet tight-knit, network we provide expertise in all relevant fields and can select the right expert for any need.

– Strategic planning

– Family affairs

– Family Legal and Tax Services

– Real Estate Services

– Consolidation of Banking Relationships

Global Virtual Custody

One of our primary objectives is to provide you with clarity around your wealth. With statements rolling in every month from a multitude of providers, keeping close tabs on significant wealth can be confusing and overwhelming  even for the most savvy investors.

We provide you with a complete system of data aggregation and consolidated reporting that show you exactly what you own, how you own it, and where you are in relation to your investment objectives. These statements, which can be tailored to your preferences, clearly show you – in one place – only the information that is most important to you and your family.

Related Services

Thanks to our extensive network we can help you organise many other aspects of your private life such as: Art Advisory, Relocation Services, Philanthropy, Healthcare, Education, Citizenship Programs, and more.

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